If thou art willing to suffer no adversity, how wilt thou be the friend of Christ?

Anyone can find the dirt on someone, but very few can wipe it from their own shoes.

Peace is more of an internal settlement rather than what is visible on the external.

You will face your greatest opposition when you are closest to your biggest miracle.

I am thankful to the Lord for my redemption. I was once lost, now I am saved by grace.

Every adversity can be a blessing. May you have the courage to overcome any adversity.

A best friend is the only one that walks into your life when the world has walked out.

Your friends will believe in your potential, your enemies will make you live up to it.

If there was any great lesson in life it was this: No battle was ever won with silence.

Children do not dwell on the ordinary harshness of life, even as they suffer through it.

Statesmanship is developed in the hard knocks of general experience, private and public.

Nightmares are seldom a foreshadowing of real events, but always a showing of real fears.

Learning is an ornament in prosperity, a refuge in adversity, and a provision in old age.

What we decide to do in the face of adversity is perhaps the truest measure of character.

When the winds of life is pushing you back, THAT'S when you push forward the hardest.