One must be deeply aware of the impermanence of the world.

After all, what is suffering but an awareness of suffering?

The greatest gift we can give to another person is our love.

He who fights is powerless, but he who loves is power itself.

It is better to pay attention than to have ideas about things.

The aware do not die; The unaware are as though dead already.

Freedom is what's left when the belief systems deconstruct.

Awareness about lack of knowledge is the most useful knowledge.

Knowing the Truth is not based on knowledge, but on being "it".

Looking with eyes of love is about not only looking, but seeing.

And Ana remembered her father's words, "Say no! Run! Tell me!

In our need to be somebody, we often forget that we are somebody.

May your sleep be your death, and your wakefulness be your heaven.

What you hate, you re-create; and what you bless, you put to rest.

self awareness is self created birth. after that it is unstoppable.