You must trust in your inner being of light, the angel you already are.

Fear enslaves us, Truth sets us free and the only Truth is the Oneness.

Everything in life is nonsense. It's just a question of perspective.

Él rezaba para que sus alas de ángel la mantuvieran a salvo.

She is beautiful like an angel, charming like a fairy and sweet like honey.

If it's to be, it's up to which I add;If not now...then when?

Alex resisted the urge to throw Seb off the balcony and see if he could fly.

Selalu ada hal indah kalau kau bisa berpikir positif di balik sebuah masalah.

No more can this Angel teach her,Yet, this guiding wing shall not forsake ...

How do you possibly manage to turn talk of an angel into something perverted?

When the mind, body, and spirit work together I believe anything is possible.

That wasn’t blood. It was love. It pours out of you when you lose faith.

My mind may be in gutter, Abigail, but at least I’m looking at an angel!

She has a smile that grows slowly and then shines, like an angel’s smile.

Like a new creature, maybe an angel, you have shocked everyone with such beauty.