How can it be wrong? Love picks the right path, not the one of least resistance.

The philosopher is not the spokesman of his age, but an angel imprisoned in time.

I beg you, help me, in angelic charity,Pray my efforts will reflect your mastery!

Work like an angel, dress like a demon, live like a ghost, and dream like a human.

Choices are exhibited through the notions of free will,temptation challenges them.

Your angel cannot protect you against that which neither god nor the devil had made

A woman is a loving mother, a gorgeous daughter, and beautiful angel of imagination.

The only river i would like to be drown is the river filled with the blood of Jesus.

I was looking forward to having a halo. It would make such a convenient reading lamp.

Man allowed by God to do good and evil.That's why some of angels feel so jealous.

sometimes it's better to be with the devil u know than the angel u didn't know

Only the virtuous can count on life, the pursuer of evil can only ever count on death.

Most of us do things for reasons that are more purely personal. For love, or for hate.

...for if a woman's body can attract the holy angels, how much more the unholy man.

People want us, or want us dead, because of what we are, not who we are. It's hard.