Everyone should be comfy during the apocalypse.

But this was not quite the right kraken apocalypse.

It's an alien apocalypse! Quick, grab the beer!

The only true dead are those who have been forgotten.

Sure, everything is ending," Jules said, "but not yet.

Never a good sign, he thought, when the crows showed up.

I hate people in general, but you guys are cool with me.

There are no pessimists; there are only realists and liars.

The death of a young person for no reason is an apocalypse.

This is the way the world endsNot with a bang but a whimper.

Abandon all nations, the planet drifts to random insect doom.

It's more useful to have someone fear you than respect you.

Complacency kills. Paranoia is the reason I’m still alive.

We need to be fit and ready for anything that might come our way.

He's named you heir apparent to the Apocalypse. Congratulations.