Unlike Joe, I was lying when I denied arguing against scrapping the proposal. Was Joe in favor of or against the proposal?

One murder happened in a village. A police officer instructed two police constables to go to the crime scene, investigate and prepare an preliminary incident report. It was already past midnight and the crime scene was far away from the police station. The two constables decided not to travel to the crime scene and came up with a fake incident report instead. Below is the report. When we reached the spot, the door was open and one man aged between 40-45 was found dead lying on the floor. The light and fan were switched on. There were some items found on a table: – One open bottle of poison, – One half filled drinking water bottle, – One fountain pen, – One newspaper was flipped open, pages 9 and 10 facing each other, – One table top calendar showing June 20, – One notebook. The person committed suicide by drinking the poison. After reading the incident report, the police officer immediately knew that it was fake. How did he know?

What is two days after the day after the day before yesterday?

Jack is standing behind Jill but Jill is standing behind Jack. How is it possible?

A detective who was mere days from cracking an international smuggling ring has suddenly gone missing. While inspecting his last-known location, you find a note: 710 57735 34 5508 51 7718 Currently there are 3 suspects: Bill, John, and Todd. Can you break the detective’s code and find the criminal’s name?

There is a barrel with no lid and some water in it. “This barrel is more than half full,” said Tom. “No it’s not,” say John. “It’s less than half full.” Without any measuring implements and without removing any water from the barrel, how can they easily determine who is correct?

There is a bottle recycling bin, with one lonely bottle inside. Every hour, on the hour, people come and put bottles into the skip. The first hour, at noon, one person came and put a bottle in. One hour later, two people placed a bottle each into the skip. An hour later four people placed a bottle each into the skip. This doubling of people continued until 11pm, when the bin was finally full. When was the bin exactly half full?

A half is a third of it. What is it?

I was was, before was was was. What am I?

What can you share and still have all for yourself?

Which is greater: six dozen dozen or half a dozen dozen?

What vehicle is spelt the same way forwards and backwards?

What is as big as you are and yet does not weigh anything?

A book costs $1 plus half its price. How much does it cost?

What is the smallest sentence with all the English alphabets?