Copper cookware can be cleaned using salt and vinega

To avoid milk from spilling - Apply glycerin to the rim of the vessel

Bad Stomach - Mix 1 tsp Of lemon juice with honey and see the results

In case of insect bites and stings wash the affected area with vinega

If Grinder is Dirty-- run a piece of bread through it before you wash it

Keep Cockroaches away by placing cucumber peels in drawers and in corners

Keep chapatis soft fresh by place a few pieces of ginger in the containe

Pie crusts can be extra crispy by using vodka instead of water when making them

Oil stain may be removed by rubbing the area with a piece of lime dipped in salt

Preserving white color in cauliflower and cabbage - While cooking add a teaspoon of milk

Clean Vegetables make them germ free by adding some salt or vinegar drops while washing them

Preserve dry fruits and sugar - Put a couple of cloves to the container of the dry fruits of suga

Overripe tomatoes - Make them firm by dipping them in cold water add some salt and leave overnight

Once the Cucumber has been cutted ; wrap it in a paper towel it will not get soggy for up to 2 weeks

Avoid stickiness in Rice - Add a few drops of lemon juice a pinch of sugar to the rice while cooking