Walt Disney was afraid of mice

Turtles can breathe through their butts

You burn 26 calories in a one minute kiss

Male mosquitoes are vegetarians Only females bite

Government by a woman or women is called a gynarchy

The average person spends two weeks of their life kissing

Two-thirds of the people in the world have not made a phone call

Male human brains are about 10 percent heavier than female brains

The Spanish word for wife (esposa) also means handcuffs (esposas)

Victorian etiquette required a man to kiss the back of a ladies hand

40 % of unwanted pregnancy happens while contraceptives are being used

Backpfeifengesicht is a German word for a face that badly needs a punch

The Chinese ideogram for trouble depicts two women living under one roof

It s been proven that people can lessen reactions to allergies by laughing

If you are afraid you might die laughing you are suffering from cherophobia