Killing a panda in China is punishable by death

It is against the law to name one s child Ikea in Sweden

In Denmark it s not against the law to escape from prison

It is illegal to release balloons in the state of Florida

Ransom payments made to kidnappers are tax deductible in the U S

Kissing in public in Dubai can land a person in jail for one yea

In Colorado it is illegal for a man to marry his wife s grandmothe

Slavery was not made a statutory offense in the UK until April 6 2010

You could face a 150 fine for failing to flush the toilet in Singapore

In Oklahoma it s illegal to take a bite out of another person s hamburge

In Utah it s illegal to detonate nuclear weapons but it s okay to own them

In Nova Scotia Canada it s against the law to water the grass while it s raining outside

In 2013 China passed a law that would make it illegal for you to not visit your parents often

It is legal for 1st cousins to marry in Utah as long as they are both 65 years of age or olde

In Grenada offending someone on Facebook could land the poster in jail for a maximum of 3 years