Irregardless is in fact a word

Cagamosis (n ) an unhappy marriage

Logomachy (n ) an argument over words

Marcid (adj ) withered incredibly exhausted

sabaism or sabaeanism (n ) the worship of stars

The least used alphabet of English language is Q

Deipnosophist (n ) Someone skilled in small talk

Mirifical (adj ) amazing wondrous working wonders

Muggle is a person who does not have any skill set

Ploitering: (vb ) Pretending to work when you re not

Shakespeare invented the words assassination and bump

Eccedentesiast (n ) Someone who hides pain behind smile

Wanderlust (n ) A great desire to travel and rove about

315 entries in Webster s 1996 Dictionary were misspelled

Cafune (v )running your fingers through your lover s hai