Studies have proven that taking the underarm sweat of a man and putting it on a woman s lips can boost her mood

Men tend to start going bald at the age of 24

The two highest IQ scores ever recorded belonged to women

Being close enough to kiss helps our noses assess compatibility

Women remember men with a deep voice more than those with a high voice

The average male spends 43 minutes a day staring at 10 different women

Approximately 80% of a child s intelligence is acquired from the mothe

Impulsive and anxious people are much more likely to become angry drunks

Women find men more attractive when they notice other women looking at him

The more attractive a woman is the more impaired become the brains of surrounding males

The temperature of a woman s face rises when she makes contact with a male-causing her face to glow

Men tend to overestimate the interest of an attractive woman Women tend to underestimate men s desire

Surveys show that both men and women prefer an attractive face over an attractive body for a long-term mate

In Japan women give men chocolates on Valentine s Day Men return the favor a month later on White Day (March 14th)

Before he even speaks the way a man stands (whether he slouches or not) accounts for 80% of a woman s first impression