Dont trust too much
Dont love too much
Dont hope too much
Because that too much
Can hurt you so much

When you give importance to people
They think that you are always free
But they don’t understand that
You make yourself available For them every time

The biggest truth of today s life is,
You don t know who is praying for you,
Who is playing with you...

Nafrat ho javegi tenu apne app nal
je mai tere nal tere andaaz ch gal kra..

The sweetness of a chocolate
Remains in the tongue for a minute
But the sweetness of a person
Remains in the heart for the whole life

2get and 2give creates many problems
So just double it 4get and 4give solves many problems

Khush han mai ki mai tere nal han,
par udaas han mai ki tu mere nal nhi...

Kudi Udha He Ni Fas Jandi
Himmat Krke Fsauni Paindhi aa
College wali Nu Ta Jean top De Ke Sar Jandha
facebook Wali Page Di admin bnauni paindi aa

Maut maardi na bande nu taa ego maardi

Lardi vi bathera mere naal kamli Pyaar vi
Bathera kardi aa kiki emoticon Bass
Ik aadat Badi kharab hai usdi
Pappi Lipstick laake kardi aa