Ek Ladki Thi Deewani Si Dhawan Pe Wo Marti Thi Choro Chori Chupke Chupke Rohit Ko Chitthiyaan Likha Karti Thi Nazrein Jhuka Ke Kuch Sharma Ke Rahane Se Baatein Kiya Karti Thi Kabhi Kabhi Julfein Bikher Ke Kohli Ki Galiyon Se Guzarti Thi Kuch Kehna Tha Shayad Usko Raina Se Per DHONI Se Vo Darti Thi Jab Bhi Milti Thi Jadeja Se Bas Yehi Pucha Karti Thi Yaar Tum Log Yuvraj Ke Bina World Cup Kaise Jeetoge?

Spain has left the group Australia has left the group Cameroon has left the group England has left the group Mexico is typing message Croatia: typing message Cote D Ivoire: typing message Argentina recording Audio Brazil recording Audio Netherland is online Chile is online Pakistan blocked India last seen

4 men were stranded in a desert Suddenly 1 of them died The other 3 decided that the only way to survive was to eat the dead body The 1st man said I support Liverpool so I ll eat his liver The 2nd man said I support Manchester United so I ll eat his chest The 3rd man said I support Arsenal but I m not very hungry

Throw the baby down shouted the fireman to a woman on top of a blazing building I won`t she yelled back You might drop him “No I won`t he shouted back I m a professional goalkeeper Reassured the woman dropped her baby to the footballer who immediately bounced the child three times and kicked him over the garden wall

Sourav Ganguly: Do or Die Virender Sehwag: Do before you die Rahul Dravid: Do until they die Sachin Tendulkar: Do that will never die VVS Laxman: Do when everyone else dies Yuvraj Singh: Do die reborn do die reborn (repeat) Rohit Sharma: Die before you do Finally Mahendra Singh Dhoni: Do everything before luck dies

A blonde gets a job as a teacher She notices a boy in the field standing alone while all the other kids are running around having fun She takes pity on him and decides to speak to him You ok? she says Yes he says You can go and play with the other kids you know she says It s best I stay here he says Why? says the blonde The boy says Because I am the f cking goalie

The duffer muffed his tee shot into the woods then hit into a few trees then proceeded to hit across the fairway into another woods Finally after banging away several more times he proceeded to hit into a sand trap All the while he`d noticed that the club professional had been watching What club should I use now? he asked the pro I don`t know the pro replied What game are you playing?

A wife begins to get a little worried because her husband has not arrived home on time from his regular Saturday afternoon golf game As the hours pass she becomes more and more concerned until at 8 p m the husband finally pulls into the driveway What happened? says the wife You should have been home hours ago Harry had a heart attack at the third hole replied the husband Oh that`s terrible says the wife

Three aspiring golfers were taking lessons from a pro The first guy hit the ball far to the right That was due to LOFT said the pro The second man hit his ball far to the left That too was due to LOFT said the pro again The third golfer took a swing and the ball just went a few feet and stopped Once again it`s LOFT the pro claimed Well what exactly do you mean by LOFT? asked the third golfer Lack of fine talent replied the pro

Cricket is getting excited day by day with the introduction of IPL and T20 Same rules should be applied in Exams too 1 Exams Timing Should Be Reduced To One Hour 2 Power Play - No Invigilator In Exam Hall For 1st 15 mins 3 Cheer Leaders - To Dance After Every Right Answer Written 4 Strategic Time-Out - Time For Students For Discussion 5 Super Over - Chance For Students To Form Their Own Question Best wishes best of luck for exams

A guy stood over his tee shot for what seemed an eternity looking up looking down measuring the distance figuring the wind direction and speed driving his partner nuts Finally his exasperated partner says What the hell is taking so long? Hit the damned ball The guy answers My wife is up there watching me from the clubhouse I want to make this a perfect shot Give me a break You don t stand a snowball s chance in hell of hitting her from here

Every time the man next door headed toward Robinson`s house Robinson knew he was coming to borrow something He won`t get away with it this time muttered Robinson to his wife Watch this Er I wonder if you`d be using your power-saw this morning the neighbor began Gee I`m awfully sorry said Robinson with a smug look as a matter of fact I`ll be using it all day In that case said the neighbor you won`t be using your golf clubs do you mind if I borrow them?

Every time the man next door headed toward Michaels s house Michael knew he was coming to borrow something He won t get away with it this time muttered Michael to his wife Watch this Er I wonder if you d be using your power-saw this morning the neighbor began Gee I m awfully sorry said Michael with a smug look but the fact of the matter is I ll be using it all day In that case said the neighbor you won t be using your golf clubs mind if I borrow them?

Once a divorce case was being settled in court and the Judge asked the little kid of the couple Little boy would you like to stay with your father The kid said No he beats me everyday The judge asked him So you want to stay with your mother? He replied No She also beats me Now the judge got a little confused and asked the boy sternly Well who do you want to stay with in that case? The kid answered I want to stay with the Indian Cricket Team because it never beats anyone

One day John Smith decided to go to a new golf course where no one knew him just to get away and see if he could do better elsewhere He hired a caddy to guide him around the course After another day of slices duff shots misread putts and bad temper he was obviously upset He turned to the caddy and said You know I must be the worst golfer in the world The caddy replied I think not sir I have heard there is a guy named John Smith from across town who is the worst player eve