Robert Shovestall 37 shot himself while explaining gun safety to his wife in Glendale CA when he placed a 45-caliber pistol he thought was unloaded under his chin and pulled the trigger Shovestall`s wife told police that the incident occurred after her complaints about her husband`s 70 guns prompted him to demonstrate to her they were safe

If you came across Bill Clinton struggling in a raging river and you had a choice between rescuing him and getting a Pulitzer prize-winning photograph What shutter speed would you use?

Dear Abby I have always wanted to have my family history traced but I can’t afford to spend a lot of money to do it Any suggestions? Dear Sam Yes Run for public office suggested Abby

There was a political leader who was on the verge of being defeated in the elections When he received a phone call saying that his wife had delivered triplets he exclaimed: Oh I demand a recounting

Ankara Turkey - Under Turkish law women can be fined up to a quarter of their salaries for appearing in public with their heads covered with cloth To sidestep the law women in central Turkey`s Islamic strongholds have been buying and wearing wigs in hospitals and state offices

A Politician was arrested for accepting a bribe from a contractor A friend who went to visit him in the lock-up asked How are you going to get out of this mess? The Politician replied calmly I got into trouble for accepting a bribe; I`ll get out of it by bribing the person concerned

Almost all of Nevada City CA lost power for 30 minutes this spring when a branch blew off a tree and hit a Pacific Gas Electric power line The Grass Valley Union newspaper reported the outage delayed the trial of PG E for failing to trim vegetation around power lines as required by the state

Late one night in Washington a mugger wearing a ski mask jumped into the path of a well-dressed man and stuck a gun in his ribs Give me your money he demanded Indignant the affluent man replied You can’t do this I’m a United States Congressman In that case replied the robber give me my money

Frivolous Lawsuit Department - A Canadian woman drank too much at the office Christmas party then declined the company`s offer for a cab ride home Of course she got into a serious wreck on the way home which resulted in brain damage And now an Ontario court ordered a company to pay 300 000 for hosting the party

Seattle harbor is polluted Not with crap but with caffeine Home to 12 billion Starbucks outlets Seattle coffee addicts are pissing gallons of caffeine into the local waters at a alarming rate In related news an entire pod of killer whales have checked in to the Betty Ford Clinic suffering from caffeine addiction

cabout 280 pounds had the run of the park and feasted on bananas and apples zoo officals said But the bid for freedom by the 24-year-old “gentle giant” was ended after about 60 minutes by a tranquilizer dart and minutes later she fell asleep in a nearby men’s room No-one was hurt or injured in the incident

A gentleman travelled all the way from Islamabad to Karachi to have an aching tooth taken out The Karachi dentist said Surely you have dentist in Islamabad You did not have to come all this way to have your teeth attended to We have no choice In Islamabad we are not allowed to open our mouths replied the man with the aching tooth

Donald Rumsfeld gave the president his daily briefing He concluded by saying: Yesterday 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed OH NO the president exclaimed That s terrible His staff was stunned at this display of emotion nervously watching as the president sat his head in his hands Finally the president looked up and asked Just how many is a brazillion?

Mr Laloo Prasad Yadav was sitting with his Ministers examining mail Suddenly Mr Laloo cried out: Look at this letter It is addressed to the stupidest man in Bihar His minister tried to calm him by saying: How dare a man address such a letter to you? Mr Laloo replied sadly: This does not bothers me but why did the postman deliver it at the right address

A team of Latvian doctors claimed a new world record after reattaching four severed hands in just five days According to the Baltic News Service three of the patients had their hands cut off by saws while chopping down trees The fourth a woman had her hand severed by a dough machine The agency noted doctors normally reattach only two or three hands a yea